Mascot Retirement Committee Forms Indian Family Farewell

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- Months of hard work were put into Thursday night's halftime ceremony for the Indian family.

A mascot retirement committee was formed several months back to help organize an appropriate farewell for a tradition that has been with Arkansas State for 77 years.

ASU's Richard Carvell helped plan that ceremony.

He says the goal was to appropriately honor the Indian heritage as well as organize a retirement ceremony that would reflect well on Arkansas State.

"We are celebrating a 77 year tradition. We're recognizing those people who have been involved for those 77 years and we're saying farewell to the Indians," said Carvell.

"I think it is a very endearing ceremony for our students, not only is it the start of something new, it's the end of something we will carry on in our hearts. I am very excited for our new mascot for the fact that we are moving forward with progress.  This is showing growth in all areas of our university," said ASU Student Body President, Morgan Pippin.

Arkansas State University adopted the Indian mascot  in 1931.