Lyon Freshman To Receive Laptops Upon Arrival

Batesville, AR (KAIT) -- Laptops for Freshman at Lyon College.....It's just part of a new initiative revealed by the school on Monday.

It's a plan to help students in the classroom, and the schools' president says, give students tools and training for success in a communications rich world.

"We get to go to Madrid, and so many other places that I wouldn't be able to go to by myself at all," said Lyon College student, Bridget Nutt.

It's a trip of a lifetime to Spain--an opportunity made possible in large part to a new initiative revealed by officials at Lyon College.

It's called the Lyon Experience.

"It's sort of an ongoing process of continuously trying to get better at what we do and add even more opportunities to the students that come to us," said Lyon College President Wallie Roettger.

Roettger explains there are three major elements to the Lyon Experience, including the international studies program that provides for students to travel internationally for about 2 weeks during the year.

The experiential transcript  captures students achievements out of the classroom.

The school will also provide incoming freshman with laptops--just another facet of the digital community.

"We're committed to giving our students the tools they need to be successful at Lyon, and the experiences they need to be successful when they graduate," said Roettger.

The laptops the freshmen will get will be distributed during orientation in August.

The cost for the laptops will be bundled into their tuition.

Officials say Lyon College will maintain the computers, which will have classroom relevant software, email and wireless capabilities, and make replacements available when needed.

"We'll be running a two tier tuition so the students who are not participating in this program will see one set of tuition and fees and the new students will be seeing a second," said Roettger.

While current students like Bridget may not utilize a laptop provided by the school--she's taking full advantage of the chance to travel around the world.

"You don't get that opportunity any other time, and I'm very glad Lyon has it.

About 500 students are enrolled at Lyon College.