High Waters for Some Residents

JONESBORO (KAIT)-"I've lived here basically all my life. I've seen water here before, but it's been a while since the water was this deep," said resident Floyd Walker.

Yards along Ely Walker road in Southeast Jonesboro look more like a lake this Tuesday.

Thanks to Sunday night and Monday's heavy downpours, many are parking their cars and having to wade to their front doors.

"You can see my niece here, her yard. My son, he lives right behind her. His house...oh, he's got plenty of water in it," said Walker.

Floyd Walker and his family have lived their whole life on this road.

He says most of the problems with flooding, however, are spawned from the nearby Bay Ditch.

"It needs to be re-drudged, and also there is a drainage pipe that goes into that that's washed plum out. It had a flood gate on it. Forced it out right into the middle of the ditch," said Walker.

The excess water also washed out part of Nestle Road, just to the south of Highway 63.

The driver of one car fell victim to the flood waters early Tuesday morning and was washed off the roadway.

Walker says, it's his hopes that the City will take a look at the Bay Ditch, and hopefully do something that will keep water from standing in the future.

"If that ditch over there was cleaned out, we probably wouldn't have as much of a problem as we do now," said Walker.

Jonesboro's Public Works Director tells us they did go to the area and inspected as well as they could.

He said after the water resides they will make another trip and hopefully be able to come up with a plan of action in the near future.