Rezoning Request Withdrawn, Neighbors Breathe Sighs of Relief


The developers have withdrawn a rezoning request of a 30-acre plot of land along Peachtree Avenue. The decision was announced at Tuesday's Jonesboro City Council meeting.

Don Parker, attorney for Double Hill LLC, says the developers feel this move is a necessary one.

"We tried to forge a compromise that would be fair to everyone involved," said Parker.

Most neighbors in the Sage Meadows subdivision and the Peachtree/Bridger road areas say now they can rest a little easier.

"I have no objection to someone making a profit on what they've invested," said Carl Coleman, who lives on Peachtree. "But, the people in the community were not prepared for what was proposed."

That proposal previously included a request to change the zoning of the land from residential zoning to mixed use, to make way for a planned retirement community.

Brian Umberson lives in Sage Meadows and has been fighting the rezoning since it was introduced more than four months ago.

He says rezoning the property could open the door to other types of developments, thus leading to a decrease in property values and increase in already problematic, drainage issues.

"We cannot allow precedent to be established that would allow this area to turn into apartments because then the adjoining properties could become apartments," he said.

Parker says the developers plan to go ahead with the retirement community under it's current R-1 zoning status.

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