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Warmer temperatures will warm up Region 8 today with highs in the 50s, but more winter weather may move in later this week.  Chris Castleman will have the full forecast at 5 a.m. on Good Morning Region 8.

Topping news this morning is Hillary Clinton's comeback victory during last nights presidential primaries.  Aside from Vermont, Clinton picked up Rhode Island, Ohio and Texas, doing what many called the 'impossible.'  This win puts Hillary back in contention for the Presidential nomination.  On the Republican side, John McCain wrapped up the contest to clinch the GOP nomination from his victories in all primary states.  Mike Huckabee, meanwhile, dropped out of the race for Presidency after coming up short yet again.  Remember, you can track the latest news in our Vote 2008 section of

Memphis police continue to investigate what's being called the "Memphis massacre," where 2 children were killed, along with 4 adults, and three other children are in the hospital with severe injuries.   The home was being rented by Cecil DeWayne Dotson, who was killed in the attack.  Police say they do not have any leads and are unsure if a suspect or suspects remain at large and that's not helping the family in this difficult time.  "I'm lost," said Dotson's mother, Priscilla Shaw. "I just my baby...lost my grand babies. They all gone, for what? And I don't know why."

Arkansas State Police are still investigating a shooting incident in Batesville.   Police say an officer was chasing a man suspected of a vehicle break-in on the Wal-Mart parking lot.   The suspect allegedly showed the pursuing officer his gun and told him to stop chasing him or he would shoot the officer.   The officer then drew his weapon and advised the suspect to drop his firearm.   After the suspect refused, the officer shot him twice.   The officer involved in the shooting has been placed on leave due to policy.

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We'll talk to our sister station, WMC Action News 5, to learn more on the Memphis Massacre and find out the latest in the police investigation.

Plus, the horrific online video shown on Good Morning America yesterday depicting a Marine throwing a puppy off of a cliff has sparked rage and caused threats against one of the soldiers in the video.  We'll tell you the latest.

And as many as 200 jobs may be coming to Jonesboro courtesy of Nestle.  Find out how they're bringing a bit of Chicago to Region 8.

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