Phone Scam For Deputy

JONESBORO (KAIT)- Another phone scam is in Region 8, this one supposedly is all about helping law enforcement. This time, the calls are hitting some unusual victims.

There is a never ending stream of people out there who would like to take your money, any way possible. But the first call they made in Craighead county was probably to the wrong person.

Sheriff Jack McCann, "The phone rang and the caller ID said unidentified caller. I went ahead and answered it. I didn't catch the name of the company he said deputies association. And asked if I would be willing to donate to support some deputies and I said sure. Tell me some more. "

By now the sheriff was getting suspicious.

"Can you tell me one county in Arkansas that you've donated money to? just silence, just spit and stammered. Oh Jonesboro you said you've given money to Craighead county or Jonesboro. Yes, I said no you haven't he said sir you have a nice day and just hung up."

Sheriff McCann was unable to get information from the caller however a former deputy was able to get a name of the organization.

Allan Hicks, Investigator, "He was a representative for the Arkansas Sheriffs Deputy Association and they were raising money for death benefits for deputy sheriffs. I explained I had been a sheriffs deputy for over 20 years and had never heard of such an organization and he immediately hung up."

Here are some things about this scam to be aware of.

The name they call themselves is the Arkansas Deputy Sheriffs Association.

The caller may be either male or female.

They may say they are trying to raise money for  a widows fund or death benefits or equipment or other reasonable sounding purposes all for deputies in Arkansas.

Now, there is an Arkansas Sheriff's Association but they do no telephone solicitation. And most importantly there is no official Arkansas Sheriffs Deputies Association.

So if somebody calls you on the phone representing a deputies organization, chances are it's a scam. You've got a couple of options. You can hang up right then and there or you can try as get as much information as possible and then hang up. What ever you do, don't give them any kind of personal information, don't give them any money in any way shape or form. Notify the authorities as quick as you can and give them the information you've gathered.

If you receive any type of suspicious telephone solication, give them no personal information and contact your local authorities.