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Temperatures will be in the 50s today but as we move into tonight, snowfall will become a reality for parts of Region 8.  Friday's temperatures will begin below freezing too, so those kids might be getting out of school.  We'll have the latest on Good Morning Region 8.

West Memphis Police are concerned after arresting a minor over the weekend for waving a toy gun in the air near a city park.  That incident, along with the shooting death of 12-year-old DeAuntae Farrow last Summer, has raised major questions about the safety of toy guns.  While they are not illegal to carry, the West Memphis City Council is hoping to pass an ordinance that would regulate where they can be played with.  As West Memphis Assistant Chief Mike Allen put it, "When an officer is trying to make a decision on an armed suspect, he doesn't have time to go in and look at it and examine that firearm."

Governor Beebe will be in Mississippi today at Camp Shelby to formally send off Arkansas's 39th Brigade.  The brigade has been training for war in Iraq for the last couple of months and hundreds of soldiers will be honored today with a special farewell ceremony.  We'll be covering that ceremony tonight on Region 8 News at Five, Six and Ten.

While there are still no leads as to who may have slaughtered six people in Memphis, there is new information surfacing about one of the victims.  30-year old Cecil Dotson, one of the six killed, has been linked to past involvement with a gang years ago.  A friend says Dotson's past has nothing to do with his murder.  Police have identified all four adult victims but are not releasing the names of the two murdered children.

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