Your Morning

Winter Blast III is rolling into Region 8 as this is written and parts are already experiencing heavy snowfall.  Others are yet to see any but will most likely get at least some before the day is over.  This is what we're tracking today on Region 8 News and we will have the latest throughout the day.  Until then, here are some tips in this special "Winter Blast" edition of Your Morning:

  • Significant amounts of snowfall are expected in some areas, so travel only in an emergency.
  • If you must travel, bring an extra flashlight, food, blankets and water in case your vehicle is stranded.
  • Drive slowly and keep your focus on the road.  Don't become distracted by cell phones or the radio.
  • Allow plenty of space for vehicles in front of you.  If someone is too close behind you, slow down so they can pass.
  • Drive with your lights on always!  In heavy snow conditions, you may want to use low beams

You can find more tips at this link.

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School Closings Page (This page is tied in to the on-air system, so you can find the latest closings here without waiting for your school to show up)

Road Conditions

Also, keep it tuned to Region 8 News starting with Good Morning Region 8 at 5 a.m. for the latest weather situation.

If you're away from a television set but still have Internet access, you can watch KAIT 24/7 Weather on live.  We have set a live stream up at the top of the home page.

Remember, stay safe, smart and keep it with Region 8 News for the latest in local news, weather and other information!