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Krystal Whitman Reports

Preparing For Another Blast From Ol' Man Winter

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)  "It has been sort of busier than it usually is on a early Thursday morning and we expect it to pick up even more but it has with the weather chances kind of falling it has been kind of steady" says Torrence Tuberville.

The approaching winter storm has many Region 8 residents preparing to stock up and stay in.

Director of Craighead County Office of Emergency Management David Moore explains its actually best to prepare for a storm outage lasting at least three days.

 " In something like a winter storm we don't have to worry something like two or three days at the most and things will begin to recover," said Moore.

Moore suggests that other than the usual supply of eggs and water, it's also a good reminder to create a disaster kit.

 The standard emergency kit consists of layers the first being clothing the second being non perishable items such as water and canned goods and lastly to top it off radio flash lights and batteries.

Keeping informed about changing weather conditions could help save a life.

"Do you have a battery operated radio at home? When's the last time you checked to make sure it works?  Do you have batteries for it?  What about flash lights? You always need batteries.  Take into account of all the batteries operated equipment you might use.  Make sure you have extra batteries for all of that," Moore.

 Just how much food water and supplies should you keep on hand?

"Water they recommend you have one gallon per person per day," said Moore.

Also remember to include any medications along with a first-aid kit in your storm preparations.


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