Region 8 Kids Take a Slide in the Snow

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Many parts of Region 8 are covered in layers of snow, but for some of the smallest people in the area, the day was all about having fun.

Saturday, children of all ages took to the slopes of Walnut Street Baptist Church.More than 100 kids could be seen from the road, slipping and sliding their way down the icy hills, relaxing and having fun.

"It's fun when you throw snowballs and hit people and just have fun." said Dillon, one of the many youths enjoying the snow.

The 3rd edition of winter blast may have closed plenty of schools and businesses on Friday, but this weekend the wintry weather brought out the kid in all of us, even myself.

The kids also enjoyed it.  Several of them took a tumble and on more than one occasion.

"They made a ramp out there, and we all got to slide down it and I think that was really fun." Ally, another child, said.

Most of the kids we talked to say they were happy to enjoy the snow, but now that temperatures are rising, the icy slopes will be gone very soon.