Debris Removal Continues, Some Rebuilding Starting

Highland, AR (KAIT)-

The weekend brought a dusting of snow across Sharp County but now the ice is melting, signaling another long week of debris removal.

Sharp County's Office of Emergency Management Director, Gene Moore, says they're coming along thanks to the help of volunteers eager to help, however much heavy lifting is required.

"A lot of people have come in with their chainsaws and helped out," said Moore. "The big stuff is starting now, so there may be people who need help with equipment."

Tree limbs and plywood are being burned at a burn pit off Hwy 412. Sheetrock and any type of construction material, along with other debris, are taken to the city landfill.

One month into the painstaking cleanup effort, some storm victims are already starting to rebuild.

"This is the worst I ever seen," said Waymon Hertzler, who just remodeled his home before the storm hit. "We could've been killed. We can always build back."

Hertzler says it'll take about three months before the work's complete on his house.

If you'd like to assist in cleanup efforts call the Spring River Chamber of Commerce or the Sharp County OEM office at (870)710-0128. You can also contact Americorp at (870)856-3210

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