Religion Gets Involved in Recycling

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- Going green is a term you've probably heard of and it's a message now being pronounced from the pulpit.

Recently a leader of the Catholic Church and the Southern Baptist leaders asked their members to protect the environment.  They are asking members to recycle and respect climate change.

"Recycling ought to be a part of the human mentality.  Why waste something that's useful for another?" said Father Richard Cleary.

Father Richard Cleary said a Bishop in Rome made the comment recently that in addition to the seven deadly sins there are also other sins that stem from those.  He said the failure to take care of the planet is one of them.

"Every material thing was ultimately created by God.  The first chapter of the first book of the Bible tells us that God saw all his creation and observed that it is good," said Cleary.

Another group, the Southern Baptist Convention has announced that they are going to do their part to help control climate change.

"There's the possibility that we contributed to global warming and they acknowledge that there's debate out there that it may not be, but we contributed to it and we have responsibilities," said Pastor Jason Noel.

There are many ways you can get involved locally to help protect the environment. In Jonesboro they have a blue bag recycling program where they take everything from clear glass, aluminum cans, steel cans and two kinds of plastic.

"Just by speaking out, hopefully people will become aware and persuade their children and neighbors to also become aware of the need to conserve and protect the environment for future generations," said Cleary.

"It's fine to have a declaration on the internet.  It is fine to have prominent Southern Baptist leaders sign it but it's really worthless until we start taking practical steps.  Let's actually start recycling.  Let's not actually be as wasteful," said Noel.

No one knows for sure what difference the church will make by getting involved with protecting the environment, but their hope is everyone will take their lead and recycle.