Giving You and Your House Survivability

JONESBORO (KAIT) - The tornadoes that ripped through Region 8 a month ago left many homes destroyed and many homeless. FEMA representatives are in Ash Flat this week to show storm weary homeowners who might be rebuilding how to construct safer houses

Anything you can think of to save yourself from a hurricane or tornado. Granted we don't get many hurricanes in Arkansas but we make up for it with strong winds and tornadoes.

Fema is in Ash Flat this week showing homeowners how to make their houses more survivable both for them and their buildings.

Leroy ingram showed me that a house can be reinforced using braces and reinforcing techniques. "Repair and rebuilding your home is what we get into."

"You put another stud beside it now you have double studs. So right there your frame work of your closet is 100 percent stronger, right?"

Using braces and metal attachments a house may still sustain damage but for the most part it will survive most tornadoes.

Another point that FEMA  is making is that a safe room can be added to a house that is already built.

Penelope Witten and her son Joshua have a house in Cherokee Village.

"There inside safe room, I've already been looking and taking home a brochure on one of the below surface ones. It requires excavation. This seems like it would be a whole lot easier to do and you wouldn't have to run somewhere outside."

If you don't have a safe room we're suggesting that you think about building one.

The reinforcing hardware can be bought at most major home improvement centers.

Now you don't have to tear your whole house apart to put this reinforcing hardware on. You could actually do it when you build the house but if your house is already built you can actually take the sheet rock off the inside of your house and put this hardware on because it doesn't care what side it fastens to and it doesn't alter the functionality.

Ingram, "Studs are very forgiving, they don't care if you put them on the inside or outside the man in thing is you have the support on it."

By reinforcing your home the survivability of it is increased. By adding on a safe room, your survivability is also increased. The fema reps will be at Forshcler hardware in Ash Flat until Wednesday.

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