Pet Bobcat Recovered after Mistaken Release into Woods

FORT SMITH, AR - Shadow is back at home in Fort Smith, and a mistake by animal control officers in that city has been corrected.

After the officers were called about a bobcat that was lounging in a flower bed at a private home, they captured the animal and released it into a wilderness area.  The problem was that the bobcat was a pet named Shadow who was adopted by Margie Marx in 2003 when the feline was a kitten.

Animal control released the bobcat last Friday in the Fort Chaffee area.  Marx found the domesticated beast on Tuesday after days of searching with her husband.

Marx said she used one of Shadow's toys, a squeaky monkey, to help her find the tufted-ear cat.  Shadow would play with the toy by responding to its squeak with a squeak of her own.  When searching yesterday, she heard Shadow return the toy money's squeak.  Suddenly, there was Shadow.

She said Shadow appeared to be in good shape, except for having picked up some ticks, and in much better shape than she was expecting.

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