Search Continues for ASU Head Basketball Coach

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -   We learned yesterday that former University of Arkansas basketball coach Nolan Richardson is not in the running for the position after the two sides could not work out an agreement. Arkansas State is trying to figure out who will become their new head men's basketball coach.

The quest continues as the university looks to fill the shoes coach Dickey Nutt left behind when he stepped down.  There are still plenty of rumors, speculation and even some wishful thinking.

Plenty of A-State fans say they were disappointed that Richardson wasn't headed to Jonesboro.  But most agreed that the school needed to work on building a better program and it wasn't necessarily a big name that needed to do it.

"They are going to need a good coach from a good college somewhere to get the program going," said Elbert Carr, owner of Carr's Grocery.

"I hope that whoever they get to come in will be a builder and they will take what they've got now and build on it," said alumni George Palmer.

Coaches James Dickey, Rob Evans, Derek Kellogg, Mike Newell, Porter Moser and Scott Sutton are just some of the names being tossed around...and while no one is certain when or where the new coach will be named, it's likely there will be a lot of changes in store for the team.

"Do you think it's important to have a big name or a better program?" asked reporter Heather Flanigan.

"Better program. Because big names sometimes can't get things done, I've seen that before. But if you have a good strong coach with any experience, that will totally take over and rearrange a program, that's what we need," said junior Reed Starnes.

"Whatever coach they get, they will inherit a good foundation, a good basketball program that will have something to build on" said Palmer.

But there is always wishful thinking...

"Why not Bobby Knight?" laughed Starnes, "He's retired. That won't ever happen, but it would be interesting to see!"

ASU's chancellor has said the school is focusing on other candidates.  No word yet on who that might be.

Coach Dickey Nutt was only three games away from becoming ASU's most winning coach in the school's history when he stepped down.