Prowler Scares Pocahontas Neighborhood, Suspect On The Loose

Pocahontas, AR (KAIT)- A mystery prowler is roaming the suburban streets of Pocahontas.

Police say all break-in and prowler reports have taken place near the Alma Spikes Elementary School, on Briarwood, Blisswood and Highland streets.

"He stopped some of the younger kids and scared them pretty good," said Bill Callahan, who's lived in this neighborhood for 17 years.

Callahan's son, Jacob, is a freshman at Pocahontas High School.

He says on February 26th he got a text message from two of his friends, both girls, who told him they were scared because someone was in the house and it wasn't either of the girls' parents.

"They said somebody said 'Hello' to them on the other side of the door and they thought it might have been me," said Callahan. "I told them I wasn't there yet."

That's when Jacob got his dad and the two scared the intruder away, but there were telltale signs someone had been there.

"They were saying that they think they may have left because they heard a door open and we walked back over there and their door was open," said Jacob.

Pocahontas police have stepped up patrols in the neighborhood, which itself has taken steps toward better security, like the installation of motion-detector lights and neighborhood watch signs.

As a father, Callahan says he's keeping an extra eye open nowadays.

"I take my kids to school in the morning and afternoon and I just watch closer," said Callahan.

Watching and waiting for what they hope is not another visit from a most unwelcomed visitor.

If you have any information, contact Pocahontas Police at (870) 892-0894

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