Red Wolves Make Home on Former Tribal Ground

ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY (KAIT)-It seemed everyone had their thoughts about what the new logo would look like.

But Just after 11:00 on Thursday morning the page turned on 77 years of history ASU welcomed the Red Wolves onto what used to be tribal grounds.

The new logo comes after months of ideas were tossed around, but in the end the pack of Red Wolves ripped through the competition.

"I think it's pretty fierce. I think it shows aggression," said Sam Schratz.

"I think it expresses the fighting spirit of ASU," said Cecily Long.

"I like the mystique of the new logo, with the no eyes. It's somewhat mysterious. It's fierce. It's ferocious. I like the strength, and the stamina it portrays," said Athletic Director Dean Lee.

The new logo also stays with ASU's well known colors of red, white, and black.

"The fact that they stayed with all of the colors, I think is really great," said Long.

"I'm just real pleased with the way things have turned out. I think ASU fans are going to get behind this one," said Charles Rasberry.

And even school administrators were standing in line to get their chance to purchase the new Red Wolves gear.

"I've got some friends that couldn't make it over, and they told me I better buy them a t-shirt and a sweatshirt," said Chancellor Robert Potts,

And for those who were skeptical of the logo's new appearance..

"I was expecting something kind of lame I guess, but I felt really prideful when it came down and I had a lot of pride in my school," said Chris Bennett.

Of course, that pride that can only be expressed in one way, by the howls of fans in favor of the Red Wolves.

Red Wolves merchandise can now be purchased at ASU authorized retailers, and more Red Wolves gear is expected to be released soon.

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