Getting Back to Your Roots

JONESBORO (KAIT) - most of us probably never considered a farm as a tourist attraction.   Well some arkansas farmers are discovering new ways to cash in on their farm land.

Many of us in Region 8 have farming roots.

Ellen Dalton, Owner Pumpkin Hollow Farm, "We're two or three generations away from anybody that has much of a connection with farming."

Ellen Dalton and her husband Darrell own Pumpkin Hollow Farm near st. Francis. The family orientated fall attraction brings thousands of people to clay county every year those people translate to dollars and a good example of Agri-Tourism, getting back to the farm.

Dalton, "It's really about peole wanting to get back in touch . To relieve what they know about agriculture and learn something new and can have some fun why they are doing it. Expose their kids to something they don't get exposed too very often and in general educating why people are having a really good time. And that is what our goal is."

At Pumpkin Hollow, the barns are empty, the doors are locked and the pumpkin crop months away.

Now even though Pumpkin Hollow is not open year round. Mrs. Dalton says she still gets visitors who come to the farm to look at their primary crop of gourds.

Dalton, "But it's a different type. It's not for the entertainment end of it like we do with the pumpkins and the fall things."

Up till recently, agritourism has mainly consisted of farmers renting out land to duck and deer hunters but now they are turning to another possible source of year round income.

Dalton, "No you're not gonna get rich at it. We hope to make a living we hope to add value to our farm.  And you hope to make a living at it."

So if you are looking to get back to your farming roots. Arkansas agriculture may be the soil you're looking for.