Paragould School District To Implement Theme Schools In Elementary Schools

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) Theme schools are on the way for the Paragould School District as the districts' three elementary schools will implement the new programs beginning next year.

Teachers and administrators say they hope the theme school implementation will add more excitement and opportunities for kids.

"Those kids that just don't have the opportunities are now going to have the opportunity to be involved in things they wouldn't normally be involved in," said Baldwin Elementary First Grade Teacher, Lori Gauntt.

The opportunities seem endless says Gauntt.

Baldwin Elementary, for example, will be the Visual and Performing Arts Theme School.

"They are already reaching out into the music and performing we're kind of just taking what we already know and building upon that," said Gauntt.

At Woodrow Wilson Elementary the theme will be Math, Technology and International Studies.

Oak Groves' theme will be Health, Wellness, and Enviromental Science.

As mentioned, Visual and Performing Arts will be the theme at Baldwin.

"It's just about providing opportunities," said Dr. Aaron Hosman.

Paragould School District Superintendent Dr. Aaron Hosman says the schools' core curriculum  will not change.

The theme schools, he hopes, will just add enrichement to a child's life....anything from swimming to a science lab.

"The offerings are many and varied especially with the before and after school programs. Everything is stacked on what we're currently doing," said Dr. Hosman.

This will only affect students K-4 in the Paragould School District.

Lori Gauntt is looking forward not only to what the theme schools will offer kids now, but to the benefits the kids will gain in the future.

"They can find a skill that they never knew they had and maybe go out and do something with it in the world at one point in their life.  I think it's going to be great," said Gauntt.

Administrators have not decided on the exact acitivities that will be offered at each school.

That should be decided within the coming weeks.

The Paragould School District has much more information about the schools on their website.

Click on the link for more on the Paragould School District.