Offbeat: Elvis Impersonator

BLACK OAK, AR(KAIT)--One look at Cannon Ellis' room and you'll be convinced that Cannon is crazy for "The King."  Cannon Ellis is 16 years old and has down syndrome and his mom says he absolutely loves Elvis and anything associated with Elvis.

Cannon fell in love with Elvis when he was 12 and heard his music on the Lilo and Stich movie.  He then started collecting the music cd's and a little of this and that, and the next thing you know it's wall-to-wall Elvis.

"Everybody loves Cannon and once they found out he loved Elvis, everytime they saw something they'd buy it and bring it to him," said his mom Lynn Ellis.  "It's unbelievable.  People from Black Oak, Caraway, and Lake City just keep bringing him stuff."

But just Elvis stuff was not enough, about a year ago, Cannon turned his obsession into passion, a passion for performing.

"Cannon performs Elvis at benefits, birthdays, and nursing homes," said Cannon's mom.  "The lady's just love.  Sometimes when he starts the "dirty dancing, I get a little embarassed, but I know he's just doing the Elvis moves."

Lynn says most of Cannon's fads don't last too long, but she thinks this one will stick around for a while, as long as there Elvis fans ready to see the latest impersonator to take the stage.