Modular Medical Center Opens in Mountain View

MOUNTAIN VIEW (KAIT)- With the cutting of the ribbon, empty seats in the lobby of a new modular medical facility will soon be full.

This comes as a big step for Mountain View's medical community as they work on the road to recovery.

"Opening the clinic today has been a milestone for us.  We had hoped to do so much sooner, but I guess those things take more time than we'd like," said Dr. Ron Simpson.

In fact, 37 days have now past since a deadly tornado wiped out the offices where they once practiced.

"I was frustrated because it's not only that I'm not seeing my patients.  It's like, I just feel guilty that I'm not treating my patients, that I'm not taking good care of my patients," said Dr. Andy Subramanium.

But that all changed on Friday as doctors got a chance to see their first patients in the new 12,000 square foot modular medical facility.

"As long as you've got somewhere you can go, that's a comforting feeling," said Mark Seay.

It's comforting to not only patients, but to the doctors who spent the last weeks working in less than perfect conditions.

"We were able to have our office phones forwarded into the hospital makeshift emergency room.  It was tight trying to see patients.  We couldn't see the volume that we wanted to see," said Dr. Simpson.

However, now the volume will pick up, and patients are already beginning to see the hard work of this medical staff coming together.

"One thing they said was it's better than nothing.  The other thing they say is that it looks wonderful.  The clinic looks good, and I'm glad to see my doctor," said Dr. Subramanium.

As the rebuilding process starts soon on the Stone County Medical Center, departments like the Emergency Room, Radiology, Respiratory, Lab, and the Pharmacy are expected to move temporarily into the modular facility.  This will be done to prevent any interuption in service to patients being served by the hospital.

Contacting your doctor:

Dr. Andy Subramanium  (870) 269-6405

Hours:  Monday-Thursday 8-5 and Fridays 8-Noon

Dr. Michelle Bishop and Dr. Ron Simpson (870) 269-4144

Hours:  Monday-Friday 8-5

Facility is located behing the damaged Stone County Medical Center on Hwy 14.

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