Mock Wreck, Educates Teens

  JONESBORO (KAIT) - Students at a Region Eight school are being taught a life saving lesson.

Drunk driving kills thousands every year, sadly many are teens.

Friday at Buffalo Island Central High School in Monet. Teens got a glimpse of life....and death.

Jessica Fleeman, Manilla High School, "It really shows the emotion and conveys a special message of how death and grief really do occur in everyday situations like this."

Kelsey Cherry, Manilla High School, "I don't even know how I would relate as a parent and just saying your precious child could get hurt. I don't know what I would do."

Cody O'guinn, "My mom would drive as fast as she could maybe get in a wreck just to get here to see me. I don't know , I can't explain the feeling that they would be if I passed away in a car wreck."

Even knowing this was a simulation, from the moment it began the crowd of teens from Buffalo Island, Riverside and Manilla watched in stunned silence as their friends were pulled from the cars.

Todd Emison, ASP, "They know it's not real but I think at times you know when you actually try to shock somebody like this. Here again it's the closest thing that I've ever seen to prevention to actually get them to pay attention to it."

As the driver was hauled off in cuffs, and the victims were taken away in ambulances and morgue vehicles the students assembled and were reminded again of consequences of drinking and driving.

What you saw today is what really happens, that's too many children I've seen die, I don't want to see any more dead children. I don't want to see any more dead students.

Emison, "If we only save one life out here today. It's important it's been worth every bit of it."