Preparing for the Worst: Grain Bin Rescue Training

VALLEY VIEW (KAIT) - It may not happen often, but when someone becomes trapped in a grain bin, it can be a fight for survival.  That's why some in Region 8 are taking proactive steps to keep farmers.

As the training instructor, Jeff Decker, told us, "Nothing is worse than a firefighter or rescuer showing up at a scene and not having the training."

That's why Jeff Decker is teaching this course, a class on how to rescue someone trapped in a grain silo.  And this is a very hands on course too.  A subject is dropped into the middle of a training-silo and the rescue effort begins!

And as the class watches on, she is slowly but surely pulled out.

As one of the trainees described, "I could not breathe at all.  And whenever someone steps it pushes more rice on you and you cant move.

But by "taking one for the team" the training subject and all of those involved in this will be better prepared for when the "real deal" happens.

Decker, "We're seeing more people trapped but were getting more out alive.  I think that's the good part; the training is paying off and the people are learning."

The Chief of the Greene County Rescue Squad agrees, "...the difference between a rescue and a recovery is having the training and the background to know what to do."

And while the course is very valuable, it's being put together by people on their own time.  Still, they say it's something they're happy to do.

Jeff Decker, "The husband, the father, whatever they are...they get rescued out and are able to go home to their wife and kids the next day.  It makes it all worth while."

Now courses like these do rely upon the good will of rescue workers to help teach them, but the course instructor did say that companies such as agri stores can help with the training by donating equipment or money to local fire departments to help train others.

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