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We begin the week with cloudy skies and windy conditions but we will see some nice temperatures, possibly close to the 70s before the week is over.  Rain fall IS in the forecast for this week, and Chris Castleman will tell you where on Good Morning Region 8.

All eyes are on Wall Street today as JP Morgan's takeover of Bear Stearns is approved following an interest rate cut, but will it be enough to slow the impending recession many fear will become a reality, if it hasn't already?  As one expert put it, "We're in a crisis in the banking sector, retail sales are contracting, people are losing their jobs, the economy is headed south very quickly. The programs they have put in place are just not large enough, they're not sweeping enough, and they won't arrest the problem."

Region 8 storm victims are still recovering from the February 5th storms and towns like Zion and Melbourne show it more than any other.  The two Izard County towns were hit by an EF-4 tornado, killing 2 residents and causing severe damage.  This weekend, Americorps and many other volunteers were out still offering help to those in need.  A comment from Jamie McCade, an Americorps volunteer, puts it into perspective best: "We're just starting to put a dent in the clean up.  This is one of the worst sites I've seen"

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It seems like more and more grain bin accidents are occurring in Region 8 but some first responders are taking steps to turn recovery into rescue.'s Stan Morris reports.

Plus, sinus infections are running rampant in Region 8 but a new study hopes to shed some light on the problem.  Region 8's Krystal Whitman will have more.

And this week marks the 5th anniversary of the Iraq war.  We'll take a look back at the biggest story of the past 5 years.

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