Doniphan Students Slated to Start Summer Vacation After Memorial Day

DONIPHAN, MO (KAIT) -- Many Region 8 students woke up to winter weather this school year and that could have their summer vacation moved further back.

"It has defiantly been a crazy year, but worth it," said junior Chris Arnold.

"We've actually missed 10 days this year, seven of those from snow and ice, two of those from bomb threats and we had a storm come through in October and it took out power lines from high winds," said Doniphan Superintendent Kevin Sandlin.

Originally slated to be out of school on May 19th, Doniphan students won't start their summer break until May 30th.

Missouri state law requires students to attend 174 days of classes, plus have 1,044 hours of attendance, something the Doniphan School District is desperately trying to get in as soon as possible.

"I liked the snow days, plus with the weather, everybody was sick and I really wasn't feeling good, it was a lot better to take those days and kind of rest," said Senior Brittany Holmes.

The school's graduation, originally set for May16th will now be held on the 23rd...Something not all seniors are complaining about.

"I was actually really excited because my brother lives in South Carolina and he wasn't going to be able to come up that weekend so I was actually excited it was moved. Yea we go an extra week, but who cares," said Senior Kristi Slayton.

"I've been in this school district for 11 years and have never had to go beyond Memorial Day so I am hoping this is one of those rare years with an odd weather situation and next year we can get back to getting out before Memorial Day," said Sandlin.

Doniphan Schools normally miss between three and four days a year.  The school does let out for a week in the fall for deer season.