Region 8 School Comes Down, Makes Way For New One

Paragould, AR (KAIT)- Monday marked a special day in Paragould's history, as a landmark school, built in the 1940's came down to make way for a new school to go up in it's place.

Martin Broyles has fond memories of the old South Elementary School.

He spent many of his early childhood years there.

"I think it's sad seeing it torn down, actually it's more sad seeing it run down," said Broyles. "I think they could have done something with it. "

As demolition crews work to take the walls from standing to falling pieces of wood and stone, a piece of Greene County history is left to the mercy of a forklift.

"The gratification is knowing that there's going to be a brand new state of the art high school to be built," said Keith Davis, with Greene County Tech High School.

It's no simple task to demolish these buildings, which will take crews about 30 days to complete. Then, comes the actual design process for the new Greene County Tech High School.

"It'll go through quite a process before we start construction," said Greg Terry, with Baldwin & Shell builders.

Noone knows of the intracacies in planning that are involved better than Greene County Tech's Superintendent, Sheila Ford.

"The project of designing a high school is tremendously humbling in that we are planning for the future and we are planning to build a building that we can use for the next 60-70 years," said Ford.

As a piece of Paragould history settles with the dust, so too do dreams of these buildings ever seeing any more use.

"I guess I'd rather seen it tore down," said Broyles. "I like it that Tech's moving in because I went to Tech."

"For the patrons of Greene County Tech this is a very exciting time," said Davis.

The builders say they expect construction to begin, at the very latest, by first of the year.

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