JPD Looks For Burglar That Could Be Connected To 14 Year Old Crimes

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- "We've had people walk in and he's in their house. He will say "I'm so sorry.  I knocked on the door and I thought I heard someone say come in.  I'm helping my mom look for her dog--her little dog is missing," said Jonesboro Police Captain, Lynn Waterworth.

Police are calling him the walk-in burglar--with moves so bold he's not afraid to walk into homes and take what he wants, but what he has is very expensive taste.

Police say he's only stealing a couple of pieces of expensive jewelry, silverware, credit cards and cash.

"He's nice looking, nicely dressed, well mannered, and they don't get alarmed right then. Most of the time it's a couple of minutes later they say, wait a minutes that guy was in my house and they, a lot of times, will find the stuff gone and then call," said Waterworth.

For the most part though, police say the burglar enters the home through unlocked doors or perhaps even an garage when the homeowner is in the yard working for example.

The most recent burglary was just last week on Stroud Street in Jonesboro.

Police have reason to believe this burglar is connected to numerous other unsolved burglaries dating back to 1994.

"Sometimes we've had up to 12 in a year, other times it's just 2 or 3. The same sort of items taken--the same sort of circumstances," said Waterworth.

Waterworth says the burglar looks for opportunity anywhere, and doesn't target a certain part of she suggests if you're outside to close your garage and make certain you lock your doors.