Flash Floods Causing Spring River to Overflow

HARDY, AR (KAIT) - Flash flood warnings continue to spread across Region 8, as heavy rainfall pours down in parts.  Region 8's Will Carter is at the Spring River, where he is reporting extreme weather conditions.

Flood waters are rising at 6 inches per hour on the Spring River.  River Bend Park is being evacuated as of this writing.  The river has large amounts of debris flowing down it.  Some debris are as large as and including full trees.

We're told that in Mammoth Springs and Salem, the river is out of its banks.  Near River Bend, water is rushing dangerously fast.

Emergency crews are on stand-by with boats ready.  Hardy has opened some dams on Lake Sherwood to relieve water from overflowing.

Region 8's Will Carter will have images as well as the latest from these areas coming up on Region 8 News at Five and Six.