Spring River Flooding Puts Damper On Week

HARDY, AR (KAIT)- Connie Bradley-Luke has lived near the Spring River her whole life.  She's lived through two big floods in the area, one in 1982 and the other in 2006.

Bradley-Luke says she's witnesses some strange things make their way down the river this time around.

"We've seen a few refrigerators, some gas tanks."

After a deadly flood in 2006 that killed two people, emergency services here have taken precautions days in advance.

Several streets around town have been blocked off because of the rising river waters and the downtown area's been completely evacuated.

That's why Hardy mayor Nina Thornton, along with emergency crews, ordered the mandatory evacuation of homes and businesses along the river bank.

"We've gotten everybody out if they haven't sneaked past the barricades. They're all out, they're all safe but that does mean they'll have some water damage," said Thornton.

With every hour bringing higher flood levels, things are expected to get worse before they get better.

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