Flooded Roads In Region 8

LAWRENCE COUNTY (KAIT) - The sun rose on many flooded highways and roads in Region 8.

This morning travel north was for lack of a better word, complicated.

Over the course of the day traffic became snarled as many travelers and truckers were forced to re-route and re-route again.

A roadblock was at first set up by the rest stop just North of Black Rock. Travel to Imboden was nearly impossible.

At the rest stop motorists going North were told to take an unfamiliar and somewhat confusing route.

Once they were turned around they hit the country roads toward Powhatan traveling down a spur road. Suddenly, traffic stopped.

Truck driver, Robert Hornbostell, "And now its nothing,now there's nothing, my bananas are gonna be late today. There's a truck off the road up there they say it's gonna be two or three hours before they can get a wrecker up here to get it moved out of the way. I guess we're all gonna sit out here in the rain for a couple of hours."

Narrow roads and large trucks are not a good combination.

The road block was eventually moved to the intersection of 63 and 117 but trucks were held on a parking lot to avoid more congestion until the wrecks were cleared.

The waters are still rising with much flooding still to come. So drive safely,