Rising Water Threatening Homes In Black Rock

Black Rock, AR (KAIT) "They said ma'am are you evacuating? They said, well you might want to think about it.  You might need to consider getting out," said Black Rock resident, Ruth Phillips.

It's a race against time and rising water for Black Rock resident Ruth Phillips.

"This is sort of unusual. This usually happens once a year that the water gets this high. I don't believe it's ever been this high before," said Phillips.

She lives in an area of Black Rock called Coffee Creek.

Most of the area has already flooded.

Friends and neighbors are working frantically to help Ruth get some of her belongings out before the water gets in.

"The water's coming up and it started early this morning. It worries me. It's very scary wondering if it's going to get inside the house," said Phillips.

Even though this area is prone to flooding--Ruth says she's never been through anything this severe.

She admits she usually doesn't even worry when it starts raining, but with the water several feet deep and rising, the threat of her home flooding has never before been so imminent.

"They said it could rise up until  Monday. I'll just have to wait and see," said Phillips.

Easier said than done Ruth admits, as her belongings are carried out piece by piece.

She'll lean on family and friends until the water recedes--but worry will still resonate within Ruth Phillips.