Pocahontas-Area Roads Shut Down, Officials Hope Waters Recede Soon

Randolph County, AR (KAIT)- It's the same scene on several Randolph County highways. Flood waters creeping across the road, leaving motorists to back up and head the other way.

Right outside of the Pocahontas city limits, 90 west and 93 north are both shut down to traffic.

Highway 328 east going toward Maynard was shut down Wednesday afternoon.

County Judge David Jansen says the worst is not over yet.

"Hopefully some of the water will recede by in the morning when we can get to the rest of them," said Jansen. "Of course we got quite a bit more water coming in from the Black River and the Current River still, so we still got more problems coming in on us."

And until the waters have crested and then begin to recede, one thing not coming into some northeastern parts of the county ... traffic.

These three main highways, along with some county backroads, will be shut down, Jansen says, for at least another day.

"I think by tonight everybody will figure out how to get around them, maybe the long way around."

The bridge that crosses Fourche Creek in Maynard is the only bridge in the county that's been shut down. It will also have to be repaired because the waters that have cracked and loosened some of the asphalt.

Noone's been displaced or hurt from flooding in the county.

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