The Cache, White and Black River Flooding by Air

LIGHT (KAIT) - Taking to the skies again courtesy of Kin-Co Ag Aviation we turned to the West toward Newport.

First off though we headed South along the Cache river, flooded farm land, submerged roads and wooded areas filled with water gave testimony to this rivers nasty habit of spilling over its banks time after time.

Turning toward Newport and the White river we were shocked at the huge amount of water spread out before us easily the area of Heber Springs or a lake of that size.

Again we saw trains parked on the rails and I wondered did the person in this high railer pull the short straw to have to drive over the nearly covered bridge ahead of him.

Over Jacksonport and the state park, you can see the water creeping up the levee and the workboat Mary Woods 2 floating a long way from shore.

At the port fest site all that is visible are the top floors of the restrooms, and the pavilion roof, nowhere is the beach or picnic areas.

Turning West toward Oil Trough we came upon this Jackson county water tower, looking more like an oil derrick in the Gulf of Mexico.

The town of Oil Trough itself had water but was still showing lots of green spaces as does Newark although the water is lapping at the front door.

A quick refueling stop and we headed North to Pocahontas. Coming in over the end of the airport you can see water almost at the runway.

We noticed one lane traffic on 67 North so we turned there first to see why. It was quickly evident that the run off from the Current and the Eleven Point rivers combining with the strong southerly winds were making whitecaps and threatening to over flow the hiway.

We swung back toward Pocahontas along 67 and the river as it approaches downtown. We came alongside the park were I have been so many times for snow, the parking area is almost submerged and you can just see the top of the old swiveling railroad bridge. A cement tower that normally sits nearly 60 feet above the riverbank.

Crossing over the bridge to the other park the water is nearly up over the pavilion and lapping at the door of the satellite business on the edge of the park.

Another day passes and the waters are still rising with no end in sight.