Levee's Holding Steady at Jacksonport State Park

JACKSONPORT, AR (KAIT) -- The levee at Jacksonport State Park is a concern Friday night as the waters from the Black and the White River are continuing to rise before the rivers crest later this weekend.

The White River is expected to crest sometime Friday evening.  Back in 1982 when this area flooded the levee system was about five or six feet lower than it is now, but even with that added assurance residents are still worried.

"I'm scared.  We don't have anywhere else to go," said Linda Dunn.

"We're packing up and leaving.  The levee is holding but they say the seawall is leaking, so we're not taking any chances," said Blake Pretty.

Volunteers from area fire departments are helping stack sandbags along the levee wall to prevent the seeping water from escaping.  Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe arrived Friday afternoon in Jackson County to survey the situation saying that the people are very resilient and they will be all right.