Memphis Continues to Attract Major Studio Productions

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) Crews for two separate movies have kept busy this week filming major studio productions in Memphis.

Sunday, actors in the new movie Soul Men, starring Bernie Mack and Samuel L. Jackson, were filming in downtown Memphis.
"I saw Bernie Mac and two other people," Loren Hooten said.

Folks visiting downtown were thrilled to see a movie being shot. Perhaps no one was more surprised than Deidre Stegall.  The movie crews passed right by Stegall, whose images ended up being caught by the photographer's lens.
"He said they're not going to use the piece so it doesn't really matter, but I was excited," she said.

All this movie making has the whole city excited.  At the same time one movie company was shooting Soul Men, crews for a new film starring Justin Timberlake were shooting at another location in Memphis.
"They are our very own Easter present," said Linn Sitler of the Memphis Film and Television Commission.

Sitler said good timing, aggressive marketing, and great incentives have brought a lot of big movies to Memphis.

"The first big studio picture was Great Balls of Fire," she said. "Then we had The Firm, The Client, The Rainmaker, The People Vs. Larry Flint...I mean the list just goes on an on.

And all those films have translated into big bucks, jobs, and lots of positive name recognition for Memphis.

Sitler said the city's movie making future looks bright as more and more Hollywood producers bring their crews to Memphis.

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