Clean Up Begins In Oil Trough

OIL TROUGH (KAIT) - Garland Hank ins, Oil Trough - "We came down here and found 32 inches of water in this flooded basement. It was just everywhere and the pews were floating."

A flooded church and flooded homes in Oil Trough.

Following congressman Marion Berry Monday morning to Oil Trough he met at city hall with a group of officials and citizens to answer their questions and give them what comfort he could.

Berry says FEMA is coming and will take action but . "You can't do hardly anything until the water goes down where you can see what's happened."

At city hall I met Alan and Tabitha Ballard. Their part of town was the worst hit by flood waters.

Their house suffered major water damage in spite of neighbors and friends efforts to stop the water.

Despite the neighbors efforts to put sandbags around the house like here at the front door, when Alan got home from work Wednesday morning the water just kept on rising.

Alan Ballard, "They had sandbagged and I'm gonna say 10 or 11 o clock that day it started rolling in and it got 15 inches here in the house.

The Ballards had put furniture up on blocks but it wasn't enough to save it. "A lot of damage a lot of mud and sand we just now started cleaning up, we just got our flooring tore out yesterday and I guess we are gonna start on the walls in the next day or so."

The recovery specialists were taking measurements for estimates on how much damage was done and what recovery would cost.

Across the street at the Church of Christ members were trying to fight water that was still coming into the building. On Friday they had found 32 inches in the basement.

Garland Hankins, church member, "Educational material was just soaked and we had to move it all out. So that's what we found. We started pumping it out immediately but what were finding now is the more we pump out the water is built up under this building and it just keeps coming back in."

Most of the homes damaged in Oil Trough did not have flood insurance simply because it is too expensive to have.

So slowly the waters recede leaving behind a soggy trail that will take months to recover from.