Caruthersville Readies for Flooding Mississippi

CARUTHERSVILLE, MO - As the rising Mississippi River nears an expected crest of eight feet above flood stage tomorrow in Caruthersville, residents of the Missouri Bootheel community seem unbothered.

After what happened there two years ago, who can blame them?

A flood levee protects the Mississippi River town of 6,700 residents, so even a moderate flood would likely have little impact.

Residents say the flood is nothing compared to the tornado that nearly ripped Caruthersville apart in April 2006.  More than 240 homes were destroyed; and additional 375 were badly damaged.

Still, workers for the local levee district are taking no chances.  Hundreds of sandbags line open gates in the levee that protects Caruthersville, and officials say they will add more if needed.

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