Evacuations Canceled in Woodruff County

LITTLE DIXIE, AR (KAIT) - 10:21 A.M. - Emergency management officials in Woodruff and Prairie counties now say a call for voluntary evacuations along the lower White River has been canceled.  Emergency responders began evacuating residents along Hwy. 38 after a levee was determined to be "weakened" earlier this morning.

The levee has since been sandbagged and is now believed to be okay.

LITTLE DIXIE, AR (KAIT) - Emergency officials in Woodruff and Prairie counties are calling for voluntary evacuations this morning as the result of a weakened levee along the White River near the Lost Hill and Little Dixie communities.  Residents along Hwy. 38 are being notified.

The Arkansas Dept. of Emergency Management has received notice that the National Weather Service has issued a flash flood warning for east central Prarie County and southwestern Woodruff County until 2:45 p.m.

Workers in Prairie County have begun sandbagging the levee, which has not yet failed, but as a precaution emergency officials recommending an evacuation.