Family Begins Cleanup in Southeast Missouri

POPLAR BLUFF, MO (KAIT) -- Families in Southeast Missouri are cleaning up after last week's flood.  One of those families is just now starting the cleanup process and say looking at what the waters have left behind is hard to see.

"I see my life and everything I've worked for basically lost," said Danny Sutton.

Danny Sutton and his family have only lived along the Black River for about nine months and never   dreamed the river would wind up inside their house.

"I wasn't worried.  The river always crests and goes back down," said Sutton.

But as the rain kept falling and the river kept rising, the reality of what would happen became clearer.  Eventually their home would fill with the Black River.

"It was very hard to come here and see everything.  It's amazing how everything can change in so little time.  This is going to change our whole life," said Sutton's daughter, Cassie Skaggs.

As they sift through their soggy belongings, the focus is on saving what they can.

"We are trying to get everything out of there so we can pull up the carpets and try to get some of the floors up before it starts molding," said Skaggs.

Just about everything they bring out is covered in mud and dripping water.

The inside of the home had standing water for several days and the family is not sure what will need to be done to the structure.

"My hopes are that we can remodel and save what we can and make this home again," said Skaggs.

But regardless of what happens next, all six of the residents are glad they were lucky enough to get out.

The family has said it could be months before they could be living back in their home.