Bagging Up The Boil

SAND HILL (KAIT) - In Prairie county near the small community of Sand Hill, floodwaters from the White River are creeping up the levee.

As the floodwaters from the White river recede back into the riverbed they continue to cause problems further South.

Outside the community of Sand Hill in Prairie county volunteers are digging in to control a sand boil.

A sand boil is caused by seepage from underneath a levee. But it does not necessarily mean that the levee itself is leaking but you have to keep an eye on the boil for certain conditions.

Loy Hamilton, Army Corp of Engineers, "Keep a watch on it. Making sure it doesn't carry material, turn brown. Otherwise if the water turns brown it's flowing material. "

Sand boils are common occurrences. Along riverbanks.

Hamilton, "During a flood it's very common especially along the Mississippi river. To have sand boils showing up."

All morning long volunteers were filling sandbags and bringing them down the levee about a quarter of a mile to workers building a retaining wall around the boil.

Hamilton, "The way to slow them down to stop the flow from moving is to do what they're doing here now. Build the level of the water up, the more the pressure itself slows the movement of the water down. "

Tuesday morning the National Weather Service issued a recommenced evacuation notice for the area by the boil but later on rescinded that order and the sand bagging continued.

In spite of the sandbagging and the confidence that most of them feel, a couple of the neighbors around say they've got their trailers loaded ready to go.

Marty Eades, "Yeah we got it pulled up to the back door loading stuff in it. Things we can't replace. "

Marty Eades lives about a half mile away and has lived around this levee all his life. He was out helping to sand bag the boil and is keeping an eye on the rising waters.

"I think it'll be all right I really do but it don't hurt to take precautions."

The original levee was built in 1915 and been rebuilt several times the last about 50 years ago.

Hamilton, "I think 1950 maybe was the last time they built it higher. It's been this level since then."

The water of the White rises, the sandbagging continues and the corp watches, it's ultimate goal.

"We don't want to have to see one family move out."