Local Church Congregants Ask Jonesboro City Leaders How They Can Help

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- Members of a jonesboro church are eager to make a difference in their community so they have taken it upon themselves to ask city leaders what exactly the city of Jonesboro needs and how they can help.

"What we hope to learn are the needs of our community and how we can meet those needs with the congregation in place," said Pastor Russell Shewmaker.

Pilgrim Lutheran Church Pastor, Russell Shewmaker and church congregants aren't just talking about making a difference in the Jonesboro community.

"It could be something like a mentoring program of some sort," said Shewmaker.

They are literally asking city leaders what they can do help make a positive difference in lives.

"I think one of things that helped me was several years ago after the Hurricane Katrina event. We helped some of the other churches, and served meals. I think that there is a lot that we can do even here that would help," said Pilgrim member, Linda Wolf.

Linda Wolf has been a member of Pilgrim for 13 years, and says she thinks Tuesday night's event will encourage all church members to get involved, and no matter how big or small the gesture--she hopes someone's life will be touched by the work they are planning.

"Suppers or soup pantries, or food or coats.... I mean, I think there are so many things in this area that we could help with," said Wolf.

Wolf is hopeful they will have a plan as to exactly what activities will take place within a month,  then planning for those events will follow.

"They are excited about it, and look forward to participation on their part," said Shewmaker.