Local Business Describes Ways To Fight Mold In Flooded Homes

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT)- A Hydrosensor is just one of the many tools used by companies answering the calls of thousands of flood victims across Region 8.

These tools could come in handy for families dealing with flooded homes.

Ben Elam, of Jonesboro's Elam Enterprises, says there's one common test people use all the time to see if their carpets are wet.

"They'll put their knee on the carpet, and if their knee doesn't get wet, it's dry," said Elam.

That's not necessarily so.

That's where the Hydrosensor comes into play, by checking the carpet for moisture, which Elam says is any homeowners worst enemy after a flood.

He says drying is the most important part of the home restoration process.

Checking your homes walls for moisture can be even more diffcult.

Elam says it takes more than a simple touch to tell how deep the problem may lie.

"You don't want to go in and say it looks good, feels good, then it must be ok," he said.

Being exact, Elam says, could save you some money and perhaps, your health.

"Especially with a heightened awareness about mold, these are things you have to make sure you check out."

For more information on mold and mold detection log onto www.aiha.org

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