Suspected Counterfeiter Caught On Tape

I have a good feeling we're going to catch this week's suspect. Police say he is passing fake 100 dollar bills. This is him, caught on tape at Wal-Mart. They, along with JPD got us this tape. He must not be a Crimestoppers watcher, because he stands right in front of the camera for a good long ID shot.

The detecitve working the case says he has passed at least seven of the fake bills at both Jonesboro Wal-Marts. Another clue is his car. Here it is in the parking lot. Notice the missing hubcap.

If you think you can put the guy in stripes in an orange Craighead County jumpsuit, call Crimestoppers with your tip right now, 935-STOP.

Let's do some Warrant Watch. Here's Thomas W. Waters. He has a long list. He has 9 non payment of fines, 3 failure to appears and 1 public service warrant.

Samantha D. Coggins has 2 fail to appear, 11 non payment of fines and 6 hot check warrants.

Help JPD meet up with Samantha D. Coggins or Thomas W. Waters and get some Crimestoppers cash. Call Crimestoppers right now and get your anonymous tip number, 935-STOP. If your suspect ends up getting the stamp, call or email Sgt. Steve McDaniel at JPD and give him your tip number, he'll tell you how to get your cash. That's how you stay anonymous. Give 'em a call. And remember, when you see crime, call Crimestoppers, 935-STOP.