Officials Say Meth Cooks Finding Supply Loopholes

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Police working to curtail the illegal use and sales of methamphetamine say domestic meth producers are taking advantage of provisions in the law that allow consumers to buy up to 300 pseudoephedrine tablets per month.

Police say the number of meth labs they were finding dropped sharply after the federal government put in place limits on how much pseudophedrine, a key meth ingredient, individuals could buy.  A dealer would not be able to make a large batch with only 300 tablets, authorities say.

Officials say production largely shifted to large labs in Mexico, but a new trend is emerging.  Law enforcement officials say meth cooks are instructing their customers to supply them with the pseudoephedrine.

Arkansas Crime Laboratory chief chemist Chris Harrison says the cooks and buyers have found a way to work the system.  Harrison said a meth producer can get 8.5 grams of meth from the monthly pseudoephedrine limit.  According to Harrison, that is enough to sustain an addict with a small habit.

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