Flood Waters Leave Tons of Debris Behind

HARDY (KAIT)- On Wednesday homeowners like Doyle Walton are helping out their neighbors.  His vacation home was just one that took a beating as flood waters rushed into Hardy.

"I was here when the water came up.  I came over and got my pontoon out and my lawnmowers from underneath," said Walton.

He said as much as he hates what's happened, it was his choice four years ago to build on the Spring River.

"That's just the name of the game when you live on the river.  That's part of it.  I knew that when I bought the property, and when I built the cabin," said Walton.

Neighbor Herman Shelton agrees that mother nature doesn't play favorites.

"You can live up in the plains and a tornado will eat you up.  You can go to Florida and get a hurricane.  You just pick the options you want I guess," said Shelton.

But for Mayor Nina Thornton, the options are few, and this time around she too is a victim.

"I feel like I'm kind of the mom of the city.  I'm trying to take care of everybody, but when it happens to you, it's just unreal," said Thornton.

She's most concerned about getting the city park put back together.

"Our kids have been out of their place long enough.  We've got to get them back down here.  We've even had to postpone our Easter egg hunt," said Thornton.

And the City's walking path is now washed out and littered with trees and debris.

"I'm worried about my children and the people that walk in the park.  It just makes me want to get going and get it cleaned up," said Thornton.

And it seems for now there's only one thing people can do....

"Exactly what I'm doing now...picking up trash," chuckled Shelton.

The City's Easter Egg Hunt is going to be rescheduled for June after the park is cleaned up.  As of today, the sewer system is also back online and drinking water is safe for everyone.

It's still unsure just how much the damage will total once assessments are done.

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