Jonesboro Teen Has Sights Set On Democratic National Convention

JONESBORO, AR -- (KAIT) -- A Jonesboro teen already has a political history and is now looking to make a little history as well.

"With the first alternate spot you have to run for it too. It even makes me feel more honored to be able to represent the youth of our state and possibly the nation," said Taylor Riddle.

He's only 18 years old, but Jonesboro native Taylor Riddle is a young man on the move.

At 18, he's the youngest member of the Arkansas Delegation, and could even be the youngest delegate at the Democratic National Convention.

It's an honor that's already garnering him some recognition.

"I've done some TV interviews, and had some airtime.  For anyone who's wanting to go into politics, it's always good.  I have definitely enjoyed it," said Riddle.

Delegates to the Democratic National Convention select the Democratic nominee for president.

Riddle is an alternate for Senator Hillary Clinton.

Even as an alternate delegate, he still gets to go to the Democratic National Convention in Denver and rub elbows with those who inspire him.

"These people, who hopefully I will follow in their footsteps," said Riddle.

Riddle served as a Congressional Page.

His time spent in D.C. has cultivated his desire to be a public servant.

Inspired by politics, he says it's imperative young voters get involved and get to the polls.

He calls this upcoming election the most important of his lifetime.

"Researching these candidates, and trying to come up with an opinion of my own definitely makes me feel more confident in my future," said Riddle.