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The temperatures will be very nice Thursday actually reaching in the mid-70s but some parts of Region 8 will see a chance of rain (about 20%).  Rain is likely moving into the weekend too.  Your full forecast will be on Good Morning Region 8.

Police working to curtail the illegal use and sales of methamphetamine say domestic meth producers are taking advantage of provisions in the law that allow consumers to buy up to 300 pseudoephedrine tablets per month.  Police say the number of meth labs they were finding dropped sharply after the federal government put in place limits on how much pseudophedrine, a key meth ingredient, individuals could buy.  A dealer would not be able to make a large batch with only 300 tablets, authorities say.  Officials say production largely shifted to large labs in Mexico, but a new trend is emerging.  Law enforcement officials say meth cooks are instructing their customers to supply them with the pseudoephedrine.

Aviation Repair Technologies (ART) will open an airframe and engine repair facility this summer at the Arkansas Aeroplex in Blytheville.  The Florida-based company will invest $20 million in the project, with plans to employ 310 people within three years.  The average salary for those employees will be $20 per hour.  The company's principal activities in Blytheville will include line maintenance, heavy maintenance, jet engine overhauls and other maintenance activities for aircraft such as the CRJ-200 and ATR-72.  ART currently provides maintenance for several operators around the U.S., including Federal Express, Delta Air Lines and American Eagle.

Once again, the Humane Society of Missouri is rescuing dogs and cats from the flood-prone Caruthersville area of southeast Missouri.  The Mississippi River is expected to crest about 8 feet above flood stage at Caruthersville on Friday.  For the second time in three days, dogs and cats had to be removed from the Caruthersville animal shelter.  All told, 48 dogs, 16 of them puppies, and 18 cats were removed.

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Izard County residents are cleaning up once again...first from tornado damage and now from flood damage.  We'll take you there.

Plus, private companies are cashing in on desires to have the genome tested for diseases.  Is this something we should all do?  We'll report.

And the man that invented the Egg McMuffin has died.  Bob, Yalanda and the guys from 104.9 FM the Fox will discuss him and remember his famous contribution to the world.

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