Trouble In One Jonesboro Neighborhood Has Residents Speaking Out

JONESBORO, AR -- (KAIT) -- Fed up and fighting back....some residents living in an apartment complex on West Nettleton in Jonesboro are speaking out.

Tired of the alleged fighting, drug dealing, and gunshots, residents are trying to take back their community before the community turns deadly.

"I'm fed up--I've had it. People are smoking joints right out in the open. They are selling pills and weed in the open. I hear gun shots and fighting all of the time," said Rhea Cherrith.

Rhea Cherrith has lived in a townhouse complex on West Nettleton for nearly 2 and a half years.

She says the most serious problems started this year.

Outside her apartment, she points to her taped up window that she says was pierced by a stray bullet.

"I'm crying. I'm nervous. I'm afraid that eventually one of those wild bullets will come through my apartment," said Cherrith.

"I think residents in that area are fed up with that type of behavior and quite frankly so are we," said Jonesboro Police Chief, Mike Yates.

Chief Yates recognizes there's a growing problem in that area in particular, and efforts to clean up the neighborhood are ongoing; however, an area that has seen problems for years, won't be cleaned up overnight.

"The management of the apartment complex has a lot to do with those issues so we'll be getting with them to see what kind of strategy we can develop," said Yates.

In addition to police patrols of that area, he says diligent residents keeping police informed of the goings on in that area does help.

He advises residents to let police do their jobs, and not take the crime fighting upon themselves.

As for Rhea, she says she won't stop the fight to stop the problems.

"I'm not going to let these drug addicts and pushers think that I am going to be afraid of them. I will speak out and tell the police to do something to correct the problem," said Cherrith.

We spoke with owner of the complex where Rhea lives.

He declined an on camera interview, but did agree there were some problems and says he looks forward to working with police and residents to help get the neighborhood cleaned up.