Post-Flood Fears Persist, Insurance Information Requested

Bone Island, AR (KAIT)- Along the banks of the White River is a tiny enclave of mostly summer getaway homes called Bone Island. At least three homes here were completely destroyed in last week's flood waters.

Dennis Williams is with the Izard County Office of Emergency Management. He says he's been flooded with calls from people wanting information on flood insurance, since the floods and tornadoes touched down within the last couple of months.

"I've had more calls about the flooding," said Williams. "I mean, I got some about the tornadoes, but the flooding pretty well took it over."

One home built on stilts still wasn't well-equipped to battle against the mighty currents that overtook the river.

Several homes are actually resting on trees, which were the only things keeping them from being swept along with the flood waters.

Other homes were actually ripped from their foundations and now someone's former living room is sitting in up to eight inches of mud.

"I think this flood here came up faster than the one that we had in '82 because of the snow and all the rain," said Williams.

A good enough reason, he says, for those who build their homes along any river to know what they're getting into and prepare for the worst.

FEMA is expected to conduct damage assesment in Izard County Wednesday of next week.

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