A Car For Everybody


If you like muscle cars or a shiny red corvette or anything in between this years Lions Club carshow at the convocation center had what you like...and more.

They sit in the morning rain like a row of faithful horses. Muscle from a byegone era.

Names no longer seen on American roads like Edsel and  Essex.

These are the cars that are part of the 19th annual Lions Club car show being held this weekend at the Convocation Center.

The show actually starts on Saturday but the cars began rolling in on Thursday.

Brad Baker, Show Chairman, "We had cars here last night lining up to get their favorite space. We had a lot come in this morning and got about a third of them in now, bout 60 or seventy of em in now and we expect to have them all in before seven o clock tonight. "

"We expect to have about 165 cars and about 15 motorcycles so all kinds from 1915 to 2008 and everything in between."

Lots of corvettes like this 67 that its owner John Taft from Little rock was busily cleaning up.

I wanted to know what is the appeal of a vintage car.

Taft, "The shape for one thing, you just don't see cars with these kinds of lines today. And hearing the exhaust. Some of the new ones are starting to some decent exhaust but this one having the side pipes it's really throaty and to me it's auto racing like the corvettes, the muscle cars the chevelles and mustangs it's a lot of fun."

Some of us like the older cars for sentimental reasons. Like this Pontiac just like the one my parents used to own when I was a kid. But what if you got to drive a classic car to work every day.

Kay Staggs was polishing up her 41 Chevrolet Special Deluxe. Besides being a street rod this car is used... daily.

Staggs, "My car get any where from 15 to 20 thousand miles a year put on it. I drive it, I drive it on Saturdays, I drive it on Sundays when there's something with the car I'm there. It's not on a trailer. If its on a trailer it's broke down. "

From bugs to bug-eye sprites, hot trucks to hot rods to bikes there is something for everyone at this years car show. I mean who doesn't like chrome.